Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Mutha, its been a long time since I've updated this. I also missed wishing my mom a happy birthday so all in all I suck at life. So here you have it. Lake trip, Seattle trip, Superstition hike, Meas Art Center.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas Mix Essentials

It has been more than a few months since I updated this bad boy. Since I last posted a message a lot has changed. We've moved but not into our would-be home. We decided that we would wait out the housing debacle and see how things look in the next year or so. We're renting a lovely little apartment on Dobson and still going strong with school (Cam has finals this week so wish her luck). Christmas is almost here so I decided to throw together a few artist that will help make the best and most unique Christmas Mix. I hope this helps! Merry Christmas!

1. Michael Buble'

2. Bing Crosby

3. The Format

4. Frank Sinatra

5. Number One Fan

6. Jack Johnson

7. Daphne Loves Derby

8. Pedro the Lion

9. August Burns Red

10. Jewel

11. The Entire Elf Soundtrack

12. Nat King Cole

13. Elvis

14. Copeland

15. Shedaisy (according to Cory Williams)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Nuns With Guns or 20ft Robots

I'm not sure which one seems more strange. Nuns wielding guns or 20 ft tall robots making contact with human life in a trailer park... These are the questions that define us... okay they're not. Both of these pale in comparison to the question of why do things work out as they do? We've decided to pull out on the purchase of our home. There were a lot of reasons; the current market condition, the distance, but mainly it came down to the fact that Cami and I well into school and it seems to be consuming more and more of our lives. With Cam getting ready to getting into a nursing program soon it just didn't make sense to bury ourselves in a mortgage, especially when it would mean us working more and spending less time together. So here we are. Or rather here we are in our new apartment on Dobson just south of MCC. It beats our last two living arrangements hands down, but its been hard making everything fit into such a small space. But so is the nature of the beast. "Nothing makes any sense." - Rick

Friday, September 28, 2007


Today is the last Friday of the month. That makes today a very special, a very important Friday. That makes today and every last Friday of the month a High Five Friday.

Scholars and scientist debate over the origins of High Five Friday, some maintain that it goes back thousands of years when Moses gave Jesus a high five after they defeated the Romans. This of course fell on the last Friday of that month and yet some maintain that it goes back even further, back to the dawn of man. In which the first primordial man, Homo-liopleurodon, saluted his cave neighbors by smashing the flats their hands together. As with most science, this debacle will rage for centuries to come, but as the scientific and scholarly community continues to debate, every last Friday of the month we have the chance to tip our hats off to them and maybe even to early man.

Remember the important significance we play as we pass our co-workers, our classmates, our friends and neighbors to solute them the same way that Moses and Jesus, that earlier Homo-lieopleurdons said "hi". With a big high five, and a "High Five Friday!" cheer. We slave all week long to The Man, on Fridays we dance. Happy High Five Friday!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Huntington Beach, Sunrise, Kawaii

There is a girl in my math class who just threatened my life for "shshhhhh-ing" her. Some people are just wound up too tight, maybe she'd be more relaxed if she visited one of these places. I know I'd be more relaxed if I was was visiting one of these places.

t minus ten

So I am sitting in my math class with ten minutes to burn before class starts... What a week and its only monday. My brother, Kale, reports to basic training tomorrow for the Army. I'm really proud of him, a little scared for him, but more anxious and nervous. I hope he does well in basic training... I heard its ruff. As well, my parents continue the family legacy of moving every two years (whether willingly or not). They are headed to the greater Seattle area, that should be a little more fun to visit than Boise, plus its easier to get direct flights there. Other than that I am the most busy I have ever been in my life. These night classes make for long days, thankfully I the drive is a good 35 minutes so I can listen to Harry Potter on cd. Damn that Snape. I'm in book seven so no spoilers!!!

Our Future House

Here is a sneak preview of the new place. It should be done by early November.

Our Life So Far

So here we are. Its crazy to think that within a few months we will have been married for a full year! Over the past year we have lived in one of the greatest ghettos of Mesa. At least that what Cami tells me. Our current situation may be considered even less favorable but being as we are counting down the days til our first home is built, we are making it as tolerable as possible. 45 days to go. Both of us are uber busy with school and work and try to find time when possible to enjoy each others company. For those that don't know, Cam is finishing up her pre-reqs for Nursing and I am in my freshman year of my computer science major. I'm doubling up on classes right now so things are a little crazy.
Arizona is turning to that beautiful stage where you forget how miserable the summers are. We'll keep you all posted on how long it lasts.